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December 22, 2020
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Forex Trading Education From FOREX Smart Trade

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What is Forex?

As supply & demand dictate currency values, individual investors can trade currencies to rise or fall.


The Major Forex Currencies

The most traded forex trading education pairs are GBP/USD, EUR/USD, JPY/USD, and CHF/USD. The EUR/USD dominated FX trades in 2016 with 23%. If you want to trade currency or make a career in it, you can use our 90% accurate trading indicators. Disbelieve us? Try $10/30 days today.

What are Forex Currency Pairs?

Forex Currency Pairs are two currencies & their values. The EUR/USD currency pair compares the EUR to the USD. Want to know which trade to make? Subscribe to our trading indicators.

What is the Over-the-counter market?

OTC markets allow two people to trade commodities, currencies, & stocks without an exchange or broker.

When Can you trade Forex?

Forex is open daily, five days. Currency trading occurs 24/7 worldwide. If you want to trade, learn how to use proprietary signals and limit risk from a professional.

Why Choose the FOREX Smart Trade forex trading education

Forex Smart Trade is the premier provider of forex education about currency trading. As pioneers in teaching professionals how to trade and make money, we are always looking to expand our audience. If you are looking to find a place to get access to proprietary trading signals, one-on-one coaching, video tutorials, and more, feel free to sign up for our $10, 30-day trial. Sign Up Now.

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