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Majors/Minors Indicators

Empowers the small day trader to trade like large institutional investors.

Echo Indicators

Makes day trading simple by letting you use one chart to make trades.

Buy and Sell Indication

When the gray and black pair of lines cross each other and the green and red pair of lines cross each other all at the same time, (double crossover) that’s your indication to buy or sell.

BUY: A double crossover, at or or below the red line, pointing up, indicates BUY.
SELL: A double crossover, at or or above the green line, pointing up, indicates SELL.
Why is it called the Echo Indicator?

An echo is a little movement within a larger market trend. These become profitable market fluctuations.

As the market never just goes one direction. It climbs there in steps. The echo indicators helps you identify if their will be another step continuing in that direction. Having an indicator that identifies those steps, they can then be predictably traded for reoccurring profit.

This indicator is actually one of our easiest to learn, safest, and profitable to trade.

TNT Indicator
Confirmatory of market direction.
Thick Orange - Most leading
Thin Orange - Most confirmatory
Thick Blue - Most lagging
Thin Blue - Second leading
Call/Put Indicator
Major institutions do not just trade the market. They are required to enter by the use of puts and calls. As such, by plotting put and call movement, there is direct insight into real-time major market player action.
Pressure Indicator
Most indicative of expected longer term market direction.
Often used in conjunction with other indicators.
Vector Indicator
Downward white space movement indicates continued major player selling momentum. Upward white space movement is major player buying momentum. Often used in conjunction with the puts and calls indicator.

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