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Forex Trade Results September 27, 2021

How to get started in Forex: 4 tips to get started with everything!

The trading always generates curiosity among investors interested in getting into this market. After all, with trillions of dollars flowing through the platform daily, there is a huge potential for profit in the future. However, knowing how to get started in Forex, in the right way, is the main way to do this and can make all the difference down the road. Here are 4 powerful tips to get you started!

Tip #1: Pay attention to the initial steps

When we talk about buying and selling foreign currencies, we should remember that operating in this type of investment is not synonymous with guaranteed results. You have to be careful and acquire as much knowledge as possible to see the numbers increase exponentially. So, follow this checklist:

  1. Understand the market and how it works;
  2. Choose a regulated stockbroker;
  3. Prefer institutions with lower commissions;
  4. Open an account and learn how to use the trading program;
  5. Train A LOT, as much as you can, in the demo version;
  6. Choose a way to operate (manual or automatic);
  7. Respect your profile to follow a strategy;
  8. Invest and succeed in Forex.

Tip #2: The Forex Market Order Types

In addition to the information we saw earlier, you need to understand the types of orders to learn how to get started in Forex. They are nothing more than commands to start or end a negotiation. They can be used on the fly or programmed to run in a particular configuration the trader chooses. Next, I’ll explain a little more about the most used orders in the Forex market. Follow:

Market Order: Market time or real-time order. Traders widely use it to place the buy or sell order at the current price or condition.

Purchase Order: When purchasing a currency pair, it means that we buy in the first currency, that is, we gain with its appreciation and lose with its devaluation. In this case, the USD/BRL pair means that we buy in dollars and gain from its rise against the real.

Sell ​​Order: When selling a currency pair, we gain with appreciation and lose with the devaluation of the second currency. So, in the USD/BRL example, we will gain from the rise of the real against the dollar.

Come back tomorrow for tips 3 and 4.


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