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Forex Trade Results October 18, 2021


Forex Trading Strategies

Anyone who wants to be successful in forex trading needs a strategy.  But the best strategy is of little use without basic knowledge. You can learn simple and successful forex trading strategies at

First, one needs to understand how foreign exchange trading works and when gains and losses are for the investor. Only then is it worth thinking about strategies. Of course, not every trader has to develop his strategies from scratch.  Even experienced traders rely on the same trading strategies over and over again.  Anyone who knows the basics of the most important strategies should also be able to get started.

This is how trading in forex works

Forex trading consists of performance and consideration.  A typical exchange arises from exchanging US dollars for Japanese yen or euros.  The source currency is referred to in technical jargon as the base currency, the target currency is the quote currency.

The exchange rate is usually given with a total of five digits.  Profits and losses resulting from the changing exchange rate.  For example, if you exchange euros for US dollars, the euro is the base currency, and the US dollar is the quote currency.

If the euro’s exchange rate against the US dollar increases, you get more of the target currency, the US dollar.  If the amount of the base currency, the euro, remains unchanged.  The US dollar is weakening in comparison.  Conversely, for the unchanged amount of the target currency, the US dollar, you have to pay less for the base currency.  The euro, as the euro becomes stronger.

If the exchange rate falls, all trends apply with the opposite sign.

These currencies are of great importance

Only a handful of foreign currencies are traded particularly frequently.  The US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound, and the Australian dollar are the most widely traded currencies in the world.

Popular currency pairs are the exchange of euros for US dollars; this currency pair accounts for almost a third of foreign currency purchases. US dollars against yen or British pounds against US dollars are also frequently traded.

One of the most important strategies for beginners can be to concentrate on trading the major currencies because potential developments and possible trends are quite easy to recognize.

The trend shows the greatest chances of winning

The most important trading strategy, especially for beginners, is likely to be trading with the trend.  Especially in day trading – i.e., trading with very short-term periods – respectable profits can be achieved by trading according to the trend.

If a currency pair shows a firm uptrend, the likelihood that this trend will continue for a short period of time will be higher than a reversal of the trend. You can recognize a trend when the high and low points of an exchange rate form a line. In an upward trend, this trend line points upwards, in a downward trend, it points downwards.  Because of this, many experienced DayTraders like to rely on the trend as an investment strategy.

Forex Trading Strategies


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