How to Find News Events that Produce Volatility.  

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How to Find News Events that Produce Volatility.

Forex Factory highlights the important events and economic data that are being released by the countries with the most popularly traded currencies.


The number of events scheduled can reach over a hundred on any given week!

Trying to sift through so many events can be a pain in the butt.

Luckily for you, the Forex Factory Economic Calendar makes it easy to identify the relative importance of each specific event.


In our Economic Calendar, you have the ability to filter event listings by “Impact“.

For example, by selecting only “HIGH“, the Economic Calendar will only display the events that have historically been known to produce market volatility.

If you spend some time exploring the Economic Calendar, you’ll start to notice that the most important events usually relate to changes in interest rates, inflation, and economic growth, like retail sales, manufacturing, and consumer sentiment.

Here are some examples:

  • Interest rate decisions by central banks
  • Inflation (CPI, PCE, PPI)
  • Employment data (unemployment, wage growth)
  • Economic growth (GDP)
  • Retail sales 
  • Industrial production
  • Business sentiment surveys
  • Manufacturing sector surveys
  • Consumer confidence surveys
  • Housing data (sales, construction)
  • Trade balance

Different countries may use different names for similar data but we try to point that out in the Economic Calendar.

Depending on what’s currently happening in the world, the relative importance of this event may change. 

For example, interest rate decisions may be the main focus during a certain time, while during a different time, it will seem like nobody cares.

This is why it’s important to stay informed and know what the market is focusing on at the moment.


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