Forex Smart Trade Results, Monday, January 2, 2023 – US Bank Holiday – Did Not Trade

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January 17, 2023
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Forex Smart Trade Results, Monday, January 2, 2023 – US Bank Holiday – Did Not Trade


The Bottom Line.

The bottom line is forex brokers operate different order execution methods, none of which is “right” or “wrong”.

What makes a broker good or not has little to do with A-Book or B-Book, but rather how the company conducts its business.

Don’t assume that mentions of “A-Book”, “STP” or “ECN” are attributes of a good broker.

An A-Book broker can still go against their customers’ interests as easily as a B-Book broker can.

Any broker can withhold deposits, give poor pricing, manipulate order execution processes, and lie to customers.

Regardless of the execution method of a forex broker, what ultimately matters is that the broker:

  • Provides transparent prices that closely track the”real” (institutional) FX market in real-time and
  • Fills orders at requested prices without delay.

Selecting Brokers

You want to select a broker who:

  • Is honest about the risks and hazards of leveraged trading
  • Has transparent pricing policies
  • Is clear about how it executes orders
  • Processes withdrawals in a timely manner
  • Has robust risk management policies
  • Is adequately capitalized (so it can’t go bust)
  • Has a formal process for handling customer complaints that’s quick and fair
  • Is licensed and regulated in multiple jurisdictions (especially where you live)

If a broker doesn’t provide clear information about all of the above on their website, contact them directly and ask them.

If your broker declines to answer any of your questions, ask WHY.

Be suspicious of any broker that believes it is above scrutiny.

Always consider how a broker actually operates BEFORE depositing real money and opening live trades.


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